• Mobile Charging Trailers are large mobile charging stations

    Utility Companies and Disaster Recovery Agencies endorse the mobility and use of solar to provide power during the moments that matter.
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  • Tower Charging Stations

    Ideal for Universities and Hospitals the charging tower lends itself to high traffic areas and waiting rooms.  Made of stainless steel the charging tower is easy to clean and maintain. This ensures years of connecting the moments that matter.
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  • Table Charging Stations

    Create Exceptional experiences with the charging tables. Available in a variety of heights and now available with wood tops. You're focused on providing exceptional experiences for your guests and we're here to power and enhance what your company already creates.
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  • Deliver a Charged Message

    The Power Up LED Charging Station keeps customers connected with a USB enabled cell phone kiosk. Share your brand's message through the premium HD LED display and a best in class build. Sturdy and stylish, the charging station offers a way to share your brand and provide an essential service.
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​Charging Trailer

Utility and emergency management companies are often criticized for not connecting deeply enough with customers. During or after a disaster, consumers without power are unable to charge their phones and other devices, and blame gets shifted to the companies.

Partial Specifications
  • 55" outdoor NEMA IP55 Screens
  • 700 Watts of Solar with Industrial 80 Amp Charge Controller
  • 15,000 kWh of battery storage
  • Optional RFID secure lockers
  • NEMA Rated Audio system with XM Sirrus
  • GPS Tracking, 2.5 & 5 Ghz wifi
  • Rapid Charge Technology
  • Analytics

​Table Charging Stations

Charge your device during a conversation around a beautiful table designed to meet your needs.

The charging table can be branded to feature your company logos and colors. The charging capabilities are wireless, 9 integrated cables, 6 usb ports, and outlets for laptops. We would be happy to work with you and to provide a solution.

​Tower Charging Stations

Designed for high traffic areas, waiting rooms and easy to clean.

​LED Charging Stations

A large HD Screen will capture your audiences attention while charging 10 devices.

Big Screen

The charging station has a HD screen to showcase a vast array of marketing, branding, or advertising options.  The 10 integrated charging cords will help your customers stay connected.